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Xbox One: The confused adolescent.

Xbox One: The confused adolescent.


What’s up everyone! To all the console gamers, like me, & to all the Citérémis peeps, this post is dedicated to you! I wish to make it clear that this post is my first EVER in the wonderful world of the internets. I am not a writer nor do I have an editor hovering above me, therefore, I ask you to bear with me & hope my thoughts will be coherent.

Although it might feel like old news to many, my desire to speak out about Microsoft’s confused console is due to the fact that I have been given the incredible opportunity to go to the E3 for the first time in my life! I will therefore have the opportunity to see first-hand what Microsoft’s next move will be. Of course, I am just as interested to see what Sony has up their sleeve. I won’t lie nor deny it… E3 is a wet dream come true.

I refer the Xbox one as a confused adolescent because since the declaration of war between both consoles, Microsoft has done so many U-turns concerning their policies. Amongst the numerous changes, those I feel that were necessary & relieved me was the DRM (Digital Rights Management) policy, used-game restrictions and the disappearance of the always-online requirement. Recently, however, their “necessary” Kinect is simply, no longer… necessary. Frankly, I couldn’t care less about it, not until they actually have content for it that interests me, but I just feel, that they outright lied to us. Consequently, besides the fact this has lowered the cost, which is most welcomed, at least now they are giving a choice to the gamers. Choice is key & it is unfortunate that those who bought it at launch did not have it. It’s a shame really, because I do not believe it is bad product, but rather, their position today is due to a poor launch. I still consider that some aspects actually made it stand out from the PS4. The idea that it was a next gen game console & a one stop multimedia home peripheral is, to this day, not a bad idea. None of those aspects personally enticed me, but it was a neat idea none of the less. I feel they rushed in the war without enough planning or consideration of the consequences of their policies & now they are behind. In the end, the Xbox One is now just a console which many argue & I am part of, should have been their position since the beginning.

There is still much to be discussed that I am leaving out, but in all, I hope that this time around they will take this opportunity to convince me why the Xbox One is the right choice. If I had to choose today, I would replace my Xbox with the PS4 only because of the rapport they have developed with the Independent Developer’s community. I am not saying that because I am part of that community but rather because Indies have proven themselves to come out with the most original games in recent years. It is inevitable really since we have no choice if we want to stand out from the sea of games. Although Microsoft has come out with a console that has lower specs, not by much really, my choice will depend on the quality & originality of the games either will offer. I must mention however, it is a bit of a white lie, regarding the hardware, since I am concerned about the longevity of the Xbox One. It is already showing difficulty playing certain games that seems to running better on the PS4… but that, fellow gamers… is a topic for another day.

So… thank you so much for reading! Hope I did good for a first time. I am a little nervous really, feels like a first date. Will you like me, will you reject me, do I get the Xbox or the PS4… I feel like I am back in highs school… Oh, by the way, I don’t think all adolescents are lost human beings, but I was one of them. One thing I forgot to mention, the controller for the Xbox One is SWEETNESS rapped in AWESOMENESS! The last thing I will mention is to stay “posted” (mouahahaha) since I will be adding another in the following weeks concerning the Art of Rats. We are still hard at work & thought that some of you might be interested in “hearing” about it. By the way, I was considering of naming this post; “the never ending post”.


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