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UPDATE Rats : Alpha 4 : The evolving of Rats

UPDATE Rats : Alpha 4 : The evolving of Rats


Hello everyone!
First of all, I would like to say that we are proud of what we have accomplished so far and we personally want to thank everyone for supporting us in the development of the game and the self publishing of Rats – Time is running out.
We are just back from the MIGS (Montreal international game summit) where we presented our last build and received lots of positive feedback as well as a fresh wind of motivation that we would like to share with you.
So, what better way than to talk about this last build and unveil the latest changes we have brought to Rats?
What’s new?


  • Stars system : Depending on the result, the player now earn stars pending on the player’s level of skill. These stars are used to unlock in-game bonuses and special levels. We have also enabled the possibility for you to replay previous levels in order to get them all!
  • City Map : The player now progresses from level to level on a city map and must steal every diamonds within the city to move on to the next one.
  • Blueprints : Blueprints of permanent tools are hidden throughout the levels and can be unlocked by spending the coins that are accumulated during the adventure.
  • Pig & Fox : We are happy to introduce two new characters into the game : a stubborn pig and clever fox. We are now up to four guard types which behave & react differently.
  • Revamped Visuals : We have taken the time to renew the art work of the environments which pushes the cartoony style of the game. As the days go by, our tile set just grows bigger and bigger…
  • Power ups : We have added new pick able items which have various temporary & powerful effects on your Rat!
  • Full of small details like an update to the user interface, new guard’s behaviour, new visual and sound effects, a ton of new sound tracks and about thirty five to forty playable levels!


Platforms that we currently support : Windows, Mac and Linux.


So, what are our next milestones?
In the next weeks, we expect to :


  • Have all the levels required to publish the game.
  • Have more than 20 achievements to unlock in game and via Steam.
  • Start the closed beta campaign.


… and what we could have in the future?


  • Different Game Mode.
  • An online Leaderboard to compare your score.
  • A Local/Hotseat Multiplayer mode to play the game with your friend …or on your behalf, to improve your friendship…
  • And finally, we would really like to port the game to IOS and the Android because we believe that Rats – Time is running out! would be perfect for the mobile platform & welcomed by its community!