About us

The team

Citeremis is an independent video game studio located in the Eastern Townships area in Quebec, Canada. Our main objective is to create fun, quality games. We also strive balance our quality of life and our passion for game development!!!!

Wotton st camille

Jonathan Mercier - Producer/Programmer

Owner of the company, Jonathan tries to keep his daily life balanced between teaching, family and a passion for programming and making games.@Zametis

Samuel Mercier - Level/Game Designer

As the eldest team member, Samuel harmonises his life by working outside in the fields and expressing is creativity and leadership in the game industry.@Vanatma .

Joël Montpetit - Music/Sound Effects/Film editor/Web Master/PR

Joël master the art of :fishing big northern pike, composing music with DAW, trying to understand social media, editing and watching a lot of movie,experimenting with wordpress. @joelPakkou

Alexandre Tapin - Illustrator/Animator

Life, Love & Chocolate! @mushyapples

Danny Groleau - Programmer

"Life is way to short. I wish i had time to explore universe, to change the world, to play game and ... Damn it @chose203