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Rats Time is running out May update

Rats Time is running out May update


It’s time for a big update on “Rats Time is running out” development.

We are in the final step of having a Beta build with a lot of new integrated elements in the game.

You wonder what’s new in #RatsGame here we goes:


World, levels and challenges:

Our level designer Samuel have worked hard on this to get you:

  • 5 stections in world map
  • 38 exciting banks levels
  • 12 challenges mode levels


New power up cheese:

  1. Speed cheese
  2. Invisibility cheese
  3. Freezing cheese
  4. Double coin cheese

Watch the video to see these cheeses effect in action.





The world map is coming really well  and going to be integrated soon.




The first section is finished:



West side Hamlem district:




Zeppelin transportation:

Rat travel in world map by a beautiful Zepplin


Guards knock out animation:




Rats Items:

Blue print can be find in level and build with the coins you get when you rob banks.


  • Magnet: Attract more coins!
  • Typewriter:  Transform himself in a typewriter to disappear from your pursuers.




  • Fire boots: If collect a certain amount of coins in a short time your boots will catch fire and give you extra running speed.
  • Google: See all secret door when you pass near them.
  • Rocket: Ride the rocket to kick out  enemy from level.
  • Roller Skate: Dash on your roller skate

Stay tuned for more Items videos soon.


Full-controller support

Yes you can now play Rats sitting comfortably in your sofa without touching the mouse or the keyboard.


Follow us for more updates real soon.