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Rats Time is running out alpha3 is now available on IndieGameStand!

Rats Time is running out alpha3 is now available on IndieGameStand!




To our esteemed Citérémis supporters & fellow gamers around the world, RATS in now available on the IndieGameStand! That’s right; you read correctly & we are offering a pre-launch deal! As of today, you have the opportunity to purchase RATS & support us for the price you are willing to pay! That said, like all good deals, this is a limited time offer which will end in just four days! By purchasing RATS while on IGS, you will get your hands on the third version of the Alpha stage. This signifies that we still have a lot of work to do, BUT, you will gain free access to all the updates before the launch & of course the complete game when the time comes. In other words, you get the chance to see & play firsthand the evolution of RATS. Here is some other great news; by getting the game, not ONLY will you be playing RATS but feel great about it to since IGS will give 10% of the amount you are paying to the Child’s Play Charity!





But that’s not all folks! This is where IGS really shines; while you are in the checkout page you will be offered various choices based on the amount you are willing to pay. Each option will give you extra goodies!


  • If you pay more than the average, you will receive a copy of Citérémis first game Aztaka & you get the RATS soundtrack;


  • By choosing 10$ or more, you receive a copy of the previous game that was in the “Today’s Deal” section with a bonus as well as the next game + bonus that will be put showcased after ours. So far, with 10$, you get four games, two bonuses & a sweet soundtrack if I do say so myself;


  • Finally, if you put in enough to receive a “Crown” (you will understand when you will be in the checkout page) you will get all of the above & ANOTHER game of your choice!


After all that said, we have been working non-stop & we are proud to announce the following elements that have been added in RATS since the last iteration:


  • New environment game mechanic that adds a new dimension to the heists & of course extra pressure because it’s just more fun that way. We will let you see it for yourself, no point of spoiling the surprise right?


  • New power up items to help you succeed have been added & can be found scattered in each level;


  • The UPGRADE system is now available for you to improve your abilities based on your skills & performance;


  • A handful of permanent tools, that you need to find & build, are now at your disposal. They will not be easy to acquire but, trust us, they are worth it;


  • New levels have been built for you to explore;


  • Unveil the new treasure levels exploding with loot;


  • Added beautifully crafted soundtracks for you listening pleasure;


  • Added visual effects which heighten the overall experience of each heist;


  • The rest is for you to discover!


  • I don’t think I used the word new so often in my life… have you ever felt like an infomercial before?;


Concerning the launch date of RATS, we do not have one nor do we want to commit ourselves yet. The last thing we want to do is disappoint anyone & just as importantly, we feel it is necessary that the game needs to reflect our high standards of quality. The game has to be fun, exciting, display great visuals, include swinging sweet beats that heightens the game & by all means, be as solid as possible. Know this however, we are proud of its current state, most of the ground work is finished & we are confident that we are near completion. Again, we still have a lot of work to do, but we are dedicated because we believe in RATS & because we want you to play it! In the end, we cannot thank you enough for your support & we are happy that you are with us in this exciting adventure.