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Particle effects are charming!


I’m currently working on particle effects. This kind of work can be very time consuming but so rewarding. I spent many hours tweaking the fire effects of the rats, changing values and testing what works best for us. Suprisingly, I managed to produce an accurate effect that respects the visual style even if I am not an artist.

Rats on fire

It is important to know what you want before making a particle otherwise you’ll spend the entire evening testing effects without getting anything done. First, make a sketch, then a prototype and then some tests. Or do nothing and only imagine particles working together in your head and reproduce (that’s what I did). Even though it looks simple you might have a hard time finding what to do. In Rats we have cheese that changes the gameplay like speed boost, double coin and reverse-time. Visual clue is very important. Try imaginating a special effect on each of them and remember it’s important that the effect represents the situation. For example a speed boost can be represented by an up of dust.

Rats speed effect


Now how about double coin and  reverse-time, hmmm I haven’t figure them out yet….Rats on fire


If you plan on becoming a video game developer don’t neglect how cool particle effects can be. Many developers spend a lot of time on them and it is easily understandable why. Think about gemetry wars or an impossible game like mushihimesama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQZuidKexBQ , hahaha this is crazy. There are other examples of visual effects like nvidia with PhysiX or amd with tressfx. Visual effects can drastically change the experience and the immersion of your game. For instance, in racing games when your windshield is full of rain, when you go off road and the dust obstrucs your opponent’s view. Or a grenade in fps (first person shouter) and magic in rpg (role playing game) like final fantasy.


If you plan on becoming a video game developer don’t neglect how cool particle effects can be.



This is it for my first blogue post. I really hope you enjoyed it or you found something interesting. Since this is my first time with particle effects I did research and found a couple of links you might be interested in. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share with your friends. #RatsGame #indiedev #citeremis #indiegame