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Our Kickstarter just died!

Our Kickstarter just died!


rip-tombstone-hiYes… last night, it had quietly moved on to a more peaceful place… a place of rest… of renewal perhaps? With its departure, it left behind, in morn, our precious & great backers with, as well, our hopes of much needed aid… . It’s cause of death, you ask? An agonizing and painful hilliness caused by a lack of marketing and communication from our part. Yes, we were a selfish team, only thinking about the game and not taking care promoting it. Apparently, a common disease that occurs often to indie team… Oh well, we learned!

So the good news is, yes we are still alive and Rats – Time is running out! will go on.

Now, what should we do with the dead body? Learn from it, take its DNA, clone it and make sure it lives up to our expectations! Hell, we had extremely good feedback from PAX last month, and yes, despite the fact that most of the team lives in the wood, far from the modern civilization, we will continue developing Rats AND share the experience with all of you, fans, gamers and other indie developers!

As far as finances are concerned, we are considering other means or perhaps even try a reboot on Kickstarter. However, our first objective remains to complete the game and to expand our reach to as many more gamers as possible to let them know of this great we are crafting!

In the end, we thank all of those who backed us so far & to not fear, Rats. is still here!

Thanks again & you will hear from us soon!