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From the classic Gauntlet : The Treasure Levels!


Who doesn’t remember a place without monster, no guard at all? Only a maze with scattered treasures to gather… No worries for the heroes, except one: to grab as much treasures as possible and find the exit before the time run out!

And yes… in honour of the good old games, we have decided to include them in Rats – Time is running out!
With a little spicy touch… ☺

In Rats, treasure levels are known as bonus levels and the player has a chance to encounter them when he finishes a level and move to the next one. In that « moving phase », the rat digs an underground tunnel between his two heist. While digging he has a chance to trigger a Special Event like a temporary passive effect or, if he is lucky enough, a Bonus Level!
In that case, the player will start right in the vault and the treasure hunt begins!