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Concept behind Rats sound fx and the free music software to achieve it.

Concept behind Rats sound fx and the free music software to achieve it.


As part of the team that developed Rats Time is running out. I’ve got to find a way to achieve a sound design that fits the old school feeling of the game. As the game is set with a retro style but not in 8 bit or 16 bit style,  8 bit sound was not fitting completely with art style of the game. So I’ve got to find a way to remind a old school gaming with a mix of a cartoonish and realistic sounds.The idea was to mix real sounds with a touch of 8bit  sonority. To achieve this I used lot of tools.


Here the main weapon :




Here some useful little synth (Vsti) to create chiptune sounds.


http://www.tweakbench.com/toad tb_toad


  http://www.geocities.jp/mu_station/vstlabo/famisynth.html Famisynth-II famisynth2


Hues2600 (piu piu weapon!)




I generated a lot of coins sounds with Bfrx and I find the one that fits my real recorded sound of dropping coins in a ceramic cup. For recording real sounds (what I found around me) I just use simple (cheap) condenser mic and my sound card.  CoinsCup




In this video you can ear many sounds fx found in Rats:


Next step, I put these two sounds on a sample player in a DAW (in this case Ableton live) and play with it at my keyboard piano. I mix the level of each sound and add a little saturation effects and delay to create a general ambiance style. I repeat this process for each sounds of Rats. This way I’m sure that all sounds have something in common.


Ferric TDS 

http://varietyofsound.wordpress.com/downloads/ FerricTDS ferrictds-151


Bionic Delay

http://www.interruptor.ch/vst_donationware.shtml Bionic Delay bionicdelay-th40


The final step consist of removing all of the 8bit sounds that were annoying. For an example the 8bit doors sounds was heard to often so it was redundant. If you listen carefully you can ear the ice that was on my door at this time (yeah it was cold this winter here).   This is it for the Sound fx. The next post Im going talk about the concept behind the music of the game. More and more Chiptune vsti to download for free.