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is an indie throwback to the good old side-scrolling action RPG genre.   In this gorgeous hand-painted world you play Huitzilo, heir of the Sun God, able to wield both spear and spell...



Key features

-Plunge into a new and fresh universe.

-Manipulate spiritual energy, through an innovative hybrid control scheme to solve puzzles and vanquish foes

-Enhance and customize your character by training skills and abilities and acquiring ancient artifacts.

-Embark on optional side-quests to acquire valuable items and gold.

-Acquire equipment and skills to aid in your travels.

-Twenty-one unique and detailed levels with grand, richly-detailed scenery.

Game of the month! September 2009

glod award
"Aztaka has top notch production: great visuals and music, decent RPG elements and a very immersive atmosphere." -Game Tunnel