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New opening door system   Recently updated !


We’ve just been Greenlighted by Steam!   Recently updated !

Proud to say we’ve just been Greenlighted by Steam! Thank you all for your support! Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer que nous avons été accepté sur Steam Greenlight.  

steam grennl

Evolution of Rats   Recently updated !


UPDATE Rats : Alpha 4 : The evolving of Rats   Recently updated !

Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to say that we are proud of what we have accomplished so far and we personally want to thank everyone for supporting us in the development of the game and the self publishing of Rats – Time is running out. We are just back from the MIGS […]


#MIGS14 Demo   Recently updated !


There will be RATS at MIGS 2014!

That’s right, you read correctly! We will be at MIGS presenting the latest updated alpha of RATS! So if you are going to be at the MIGS we would be stocked to meet with you. Visit us & let’s talk RATS, development & games. However, if you cannot make it Citérémis supporters, do not fret! […]

RATS at MIGS 2014

RATS New Environment Art

The Evolution of RATS Environment Art: Chapter 2 – Third time’s a charm?

Gamers, fellow indispensable indies & of course to the majestic Citérémis supporters… how you doin’? As promised, today I am continuing the subject of the artwork & its evolution. Specifically, I will discuss the reason why we chose the style that RATS has, what major adjustment has been made & finally I will show some […]

Rats Time iss running out level: 19 1


Evolution of Rats Environment Art Work - Where We Were

Evolution of RATS Environment Art: Chapter 1 – Where we were

Gamers! Honorable Citeremis supporters! It is I, the one who writes posts that are so long they are in fact essays! Due to my continuous struggle to keep my posts short & the realization that, in its entirety, this original text was longer than all my previous one’s combined, I knew the insanity had to […]